Friday, July 16, 2021

iPhone 7 Plus - Data Extraction (Retrieve Photos) and Jailbreak iOS 14.6

iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 14.6

Took up this challenging job. iPhone is Disabled, Customer just want to retrieve out his photos in the iPhone as he has no backup of it

It took me days working on it trying to figure out how am I able to extract out the data without first wiping off the iOS system

That when I found out there is this Forensic Toolkit software for iOS that claim it is able to do it

Using the Forensic Toolkit, where I still facing some difficulty as I need to know what steps need to be done

1.) iPhone need to be Jailbreak first

Booted my PC into Ubuntu (Linux), put iPhone in DFU Mode and downloaded checkra1n

After iPhone is being Jailbroken and bootup

Boot back into Windows OS and run the Forensic Toolkit and Wait ...

Successfully Remove the (iPhone is Disabled)

Now I can move on to extract out the data (photos) using the Physical Acquisition method

Customer thanks me for my service and the help to actually recovered all his precious photos.

2.) The Activation Lock part

Need to re-jailbreak again as the Jailbreak will only stays until reboot

iPhone is being restored back to factory settings. There is another lock is called the "Activation Lock" Which require to sign in using Apple ID

Customer used his own Apple ID and Sign-In

* In the case that if he has forgotten it then either have to reset or use a Untethered method to bypass it