Saturday, February 27, 2021

Desktop Upgrade and PC Migration - Project

Receive a computer repair job this morning, It's an old Dell Desktop CPU that is running on "Intel Core 2 Duo" and Windows Vista Operating Systems

Client mention that the machine wasn't able to power on

At first I suspected it to be a Power supply faulty, did a check on the internals

- Power Supply is working good

- Hard Disk is fully functioning

It's came out to be the Motherboard that is faulty.

Instead of replacing a Motherboard. I convinced him to do the Desktop upgrade as his machine is very old and slow Released, Year 2006

Sourced for him a (HP) Desktop, that fit into his requirement

Which is enough to handle daily simple work i.e. Web Browsing, Words, Excel 

- Affordable machine that can do simple Web Surfing

- Not using it to run intensive applications like high graphics games

- Doesn't require a high-end specs and an expansive machine 

Transferred all his data from the old desktop HDD into the new SSD machine (HP)

Friday, February 19, 2021

Samsung Galaxy A51 - LCD and Housing Replacement

Samsung Galaxy A51
Today took up the repair job from a customer. The phone motherboard has been bent and the Screen is cracked severely
I was surprised when we heard that the phone fell from 20 storey of his apartment window to the 1st floor which cause this heavy damage
I and my technician we managed to repair it by changing
- A new LED Screen
- Side housing, including power and volume button
- Back Glass
After the repair the phone look as if it was new

Friday, February 5, 2021

ThinkPad Laptop Repair - Project

ThinkPad Laptop Repair - Project

Today a customer approached me with his laptop. It is still able to power on but is super laggy and slow

I took over his laptop and check on the Systems Processes. I than notice there is a huge amount of unknown application running in the background.

Suspected it to be a Malware or Trojan that has infected his PC as there alot of annoying pop-up appearing.

I immediately installed a Antivirus Software into his machine and did a Full Systems Scan

Due to the Virus badly attacked his machine. Had no choice but to backup everything and reformat it and reinstall all the software

My customer is very satisfied with my services and he actually saved my contact into his phone