Thursday, August 10, 2023

OCBC Digital Mobile Banking App (Not Working Fix)

 OCBC Digital Mobile Banking App (Not Working Fix)

Using the OCBC Digital Mobile Banking App for sometime and it has been working fine

But recently after the Security Update on the banking app which OCBC claims it is to protect consumer against recent Malware Scam

As a IT Professional I do agree that the Security Update is a good initiative to protect customer from downloading Malicious App but it has really cause some inconvenience

Some of the Apps i.e Microsoft Authenticator and the 1Password which I use frequently has been reported as unsafe and require me to uninstall them before I am able to open up the OCBC Digital. Which these apps should be safe for use

I have figured out a method to bypass it

As you can see in the Video that I recorded, Launching the OCBC Digital doesn't work as it require to uninstall those apps that are deem to be unsafe

1.) You just need to know how to setup a Work Profile

If you do not know how to setup a work profile you can "Google" or check this link

2.) In the Work Profile, Sign into your Google Account in the Work Profile and Download a 2nd copy of the OCBC Digital from the Google Play Store

3.) Launch the OCBC Digital from Work Profile

4.) So remember now you have 2 OCBC Digital App in your phone. You just need to open the App from the Work Profile and not your Personal one

5.) Just use this to workaround the Security measure till OCBC take in our feedback and do something on the app

6.) That it!

Personal Profile

Work Profile (with a small blue icon indicator below the app)

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