Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Oppo A37

Oppo A37

Receive it for repair. It is locked at the pattern lock screen

Using the MSM Download Tool (MSM8916) and A37 firmware,

1st flash the phone blackout and keep vibrating, this scare me as i thought it is dead.

Than i found out that i got the wrong firmware as Oppo has 3 version for the "A37" "A37F" and "A37FW"

So i redownload the A37FW firmware and it is now working.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sony Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ

4 Year old phone. Still working perfectly thanks to Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
I managed to port the latest version of Android 10 into the device.
Sony officially discontinued support and update for this device. That's mean you will be stuck on Android 8 (Oreo) there will be risk of lacking apps support and security update.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3 XL
Device updated and running Android 10.
Did a clean install notice there is alot of speed improvement over Android 9 Pie
As Google switched the file system from ext4 to F2FS
UFS 2.1 hardware is actually better than eMMC in term of speed
I also manage to get Magisk and Android (Root) working on Android 10

Thursday, November 14, 2019


These are all my collection from 2000 - 2018 I doubt anyone still holding it.

8800 Sapphire Arte
6600 flip
6700 classic

Samsung Omnia W (Wonder)

Sony Ericsson
Satio U1
Live with Walkman
Sony Xperia Pro MK16i
Xperia Arc
Xperia Active ST17i

Oppo R11

Oppo R11

Receive this phone for repair. Customer mention that the phone is very hot when charging and battery cannot last long.

How i solve this issue by first unlocking the bootloader and root (Android).

Then using some software to underclock the Snapdragon 660 chip and Adreno GPU.

What this mean is, once underclocked the device will use less power and also less heat.

Huawei P20 Pro (Chinese Edition) No GMS

华为 P20 Pro

中国版,手机本身没有安装谷歌移动服务 (GMS)

用 ADB, Fastboot 和 Rooting (Android) 的方法 成功在中国版 EMUI 9.0 下载了 谷歌 Play 商店

Huawei P20 Pro

Chinese Edition, The phone doesn't come with Google Services (GMS) Installed.

So what i did by Rooting the devices granting full permission to modify the Android system using ADB and Fastboot

As shown Google Services (GMS) and Play Store is being installed

A7 2018

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750 Received this from a customer for repair. Customer mention that he has sent it into Samsung Service Center and was advised it is beyond ability to repair Phone is unable to bootup and is stuck on the Powered by Android logo. So I did a try first by disassemble the phone. Teardown the hardware After finding out that it was a software issue that cause it malfunction I did a reprogram on the Emmc chip It finally bootup as shown and everything was working. Customer thanks us for the good service. Where Samsung did not manage to repair and advise to change a motherboard which could have cost him over $300. We only charged him for a Software repair fee.

Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Baseband N960FXXU3CSF1 Build PPR1.180610.011N960FXXU3CSF9 Receive it for repair. Phone is encrypted for security and require a password to startup So how i erase the password lock encryption by downloading the Samsung Firmware and a Factory Binary file The phone is on Android 9 Pie. Samsung has patched the security in it so it very hard to bypass/break through it. So what i did was by downgrading the software with Android 8.1 Oreo I compared the BL, AP, CP (Bootloader, Modem) Android 9: N960FXXU3CSF1 Android 8.1: N960FXXU3ASF1 It can be downgraded since both are N960FXX... U3 security level. * Flashing a Factory Binary allow the phone to enter the engineer mode, Turn on OEM Unlock and USB debugging in developer settings The phone finally bootup. Success the password encryption lock has been earsed

S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Build: NRD90M.G935FXXU1DQ7 Enforcing SEPF_SECMOBILE_7.0_0004 Receive this phone for repair. Phone is locked at the Samsung account page Asking to verify owner account. I managed to bypass the setup page by installing an App (written in Java by a developer) It trick the phone by allowing to add new Samsung Account into the phone. As shown phone has been unlocked successfully.

Asus Zenfone ZU680KL

Asus Zenfone ZU680KL Receive it for Repair. Device is corrupted Cannot bootup at all Customer mention he visited all the phone shop and no one has been able to repair it So i did a check on the phone bootloader and found that it is still able to boot into Fastboot I downloaded the Google USB driver , Asus Flashtool and Zenfone Firmware based on Android 7.0 The phone bootup successfully. While setting it up it is locked at the Google Factory Reset Protection page asking for Sign-In So how i did it is by modifying some code in Linux kernel using Powershell The phone has been unlocked. Google FRP has been removed

Galaxy A5 SM-A520F

Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A520F Got this phone for repair. When switching on it was stuck on the White bootup screen So i booted it into the download mode and notice that it was on custom binary As of latest security patch. Samsung has disallow flashing of Custom software without OEM unlocking switch on in the settings .. TWRP So the only way is to flash a Stock Samsung official firmware for the phone to return back to normal The phone finally bootup and while setting it up it still require a password again Google FRP lock. So by using some tools and finally i got rid of the Google FRP lock. The Android Device Manager has been disabled Now the phone is functioning normally.