Friday, July 2, 2021

宏碁笔记本电脑维修 (清除电脑病毒) Acer Laptop Repair (Remove Malware)

今天收到一台宏碁的笔记本电脑,顾客维修的 把电脑给启动后 就发现 好大个的光标出现在屏幕上


扫描了整个电脑把病毒给清除了, 然后在把用户给恢复原厂

Receive a Acer Laptop for repair. The moment I power it on I notice a big cursor on the screen

The scary thing is that the cursor, it will automatically move by it own without I even touching the trackpad

This tells me that something is wrong, I suspected it would have been infected with a Malware

I then installed a Antivirus software into the machine and run a Full System Scan. The Antivirus detected a Malware in the system

I did a clean up, removed the Malware and restored the User Account in it back to factory setting