Thursday, August 10, 2023

OCBC Digital Mobile Banking App (Not Working Fix)

 OCBC Digital Mobile Banking App (Not Working Fix)

Using the OCBC Digital Mobile Banking App for sometime and it has been working fine

But recently after the Security Update on the banking app which OCBC claims it is to protect consumer against recent Malware Scam

As a IT Professional I do agree that the Security Update is a good initiative to protect customer from downloading Malicious App but it has really cause some inconvenience

Some of the Apps i.e Microsoft Authenticator and the 1Password which I use frequently has been reported as unsafe and require me to uninstall them before I am able to open up the OCBC Digital. Which these apps should be safe for use

I have figured out a method to bypass it

As you can see in the Video that I recorded, Launching the OCBC Digital doesn't work as it require to uninstall those apps that are deem to be unsafe

1.) You just need to know how to setup a Work Profile

If you do not know how to setup a work profile you can "Google" or check this link

2.) In the Work Profile, Sign into your Google Account in the Work Profile and Download a 2nd copy of the OCBC Digital from the Google Play Store

3.) Launch the OCBC Digital from Work Profile

4.) So remember now you have 2 OCBC Digital App in your phone. You just need to open the App from the Work Profile and not your Personal one

5.) Just use this to workaround the Security measure till OCBC take in our feedback and do something on the app

6.) That it!

Personal Profile

Work Profile (with a small blue icon indicator below the app)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Asus VivoBook E406M - LCD Display Screen Replacement

Asus VivoBook E406M - LCD Display Screen Replacement

Went on-site customer place to check on the Laptop. As shown screen is flickering

Tried many times updating the display driver but it still doesn't fix the issue

Than I notice there is cracks on the display panel.

I than ordered the LCD display and did a screen replacement service

After replacing the screen the laptop is now very bright and clear

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Synology NAS

Synology NAS
Received a call from customer for assistance on his Synology NAS
Went down to his place to check on it. Notice that the NAS keep beeping without fail
Login to the Synology console page checked under the Storage Pool
Notice that the Storage Pool 1 has been degraded. (Meaning that 1 hard disk had malfunction)
I proceed to order a Seagate IronWolf and replace the faulty hard disk out. Did a Storage Pool Repair
And Migrated all his data into the new NAS system

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92 Desktop

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92 Desktop

Went on-site to customer place for computer servicing.
PC unable to boot stuck at lenovo logo. Did a software and hardware check try to boot the Windows 10 bootable media but it failed
Cannot access into the Bios/Boot Menu. It is the Mainboard faulty
So I suggested customer to get a new PC and get her data transferred over
Took out the HDD from the old faulty PC and copied everything over to the new SSD machine
As you can see the Size of the new desktop PC is much smaller and also faster than her old desktop PC
ThinkCentre Edge 92 - Intel Core i5 3470 500GB HDD 4GB DDR3, Year 2013
ThinkCentre M900 Tiny - Intel Core i7 6700T 500GB SSD 8GB DDR4

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Took up this repair job. As you can see in the Video the phone will Vibrate heavily when it is Powered Off
Screen stay black. It cannot be switch on
I put the phone into a special mode ''Qualcomm Emergency Download (EDL)''
And than used the Sony Xperia Software Repair Tool to reflash the Software
It is booting up now and function normally

Saturday, October 9, 2021

HP Pavilion All in One - Corrupted System Files Repair, Windows 10 unable to boot

HP Pavilion All in One - Corrupted System Files Repair, Windows 10 unable to boot

Received a call yesterday. Customer appeared to be very urgent as her PC is unable to boot

She mention that her work files are all in this machine and she cannot afford to lose any of the document
Went down to her place and have a check on the computer and notice that it is bootlooping and stuck at the HP logo
I than use some special software that is loaded in my USB drive plug it in and boot it up
Enabled the Administrator Rights, and proceed to open up the Command Prompt (CMD)
From there I did a Disk Checking to check if there is any drive problems
After that I did a System File Check to scan and check if there is any corrupted systems file in the Windows Operating Systems
Waited for 1 hours for the scan and it found corruption in the attribute records
I than let the System File Checker to perform repair and fix the error in the Volume Bitmap and Windows File System
There is no need to reinstall/reformat the whole Windows 10 System
Customer thanks me for the help to fix her computer issue

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Synology NAS. Replacing failed Hard Drive RAID 5 - Project

Synology NAS. Replacing failed Hard Drive RAID 5 - Project

Received a call for assistance. My customer mention that his Synology NAS isn't functioning well
The NAS is beeping non-stop and It has warning message with "Volume 1" degraded
I went down to have a check on it. Notice that 1 of the disk has failed
Luckily it has Data Protection turned on. Brought a replacement disk with the same brand and storage (TB) to replace it
Migrated his Hard Disk into a new NAS and Rebuild the RAID 5 array
Added one more disk into the Storage Pool now it has 10.8TB of storage space
Enabled the option to auto schedule Data Scrubbling as to lower the risk of data loss in the event of a drive failure and Data Consistency

Saturday, September 18, 2021

IT Project - Setup Desktop PC for a Small Office

IT Project - Setup Desktop PC for a Small Office

Took up this project from a company. Went down to their Office located in Robinson Road, Singapore
I spend my last weekend setting up Desktop PC one of which is the CEO room pair it up with 4 monitors
Setup and Install Microsoft 365 for Business (Outlook, Excel and Words). Linked it up with their company domain
Plus another 2 more Thinkpad laptop for the other staffs and pair it up with 2 monitor
Did some tidy up of the messy cable before I leave the premises

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Remove Spyware on Android Phone - Oppo Reno 3

Just to inform everyone who read this to be careful not to click on any suspicious links sent through WhatsApp or Text message. Even when you accidentally click on it, DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL!

I've got a customer who approach me her phone was really slow and unresponsive she mention that the battery drains extremely fast and the phone get very hot

She showed me her phone with a suspicious app "Spyine" that someone actually downloaded it in her phone without her knowledge that can actually eavesdropping on her Calls, emails, messages and location.

I than installed a Antivirus (Internet Security) software. Did a Full Scan on her phone.

As shown the suspicious app "Spyine" has been removed from her device.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Dell Inspiron 5468 - Laptop Repair (Memory, Ram Issue and SSD Upgrade)

Dell Inspiron 5468 - Laptop Repair (Memory, Ram Issue and SSD Upgrade)

Went down to a Office located in Raffles Place, Singapore for a Laptop Repair
The Laptop has issues. It will keep popup the error message "Your Computer has a memory problem" and than Restart and stuck at the (BSOD) Blue Screen of Death
I than run a Windows memory diagnostic tool check and found out to be the Ram incompatibility
Inside the PC. I notice that the 2 Ram has different speed. DDR4 2666 and DDR4 2400
Suspected it to be the different speed that cause it to malfunction
Replaced both of it with the same speed DDR4 2666. This fixed the (BSOD) Blue Screen of Death and error message from poping up
Their Office also suggested to upgrade the SSD with a bigger storage from 250GB to 500GB
I got an Samsung 870 EVO 500GB did the upgrade and than did a Disk Cloning