Thursday, April 15, 2021

Data Recovery Project - 4TB WD Passport

Data Recovery Project - 4TB WD Passport

Picked up this Data Recovery project from a customer yesterday

The customer looked very worried as all his working files are saved in the Hard Disk

He accidentally drop the Hard Disk onto the Floor. While still saving an Excel document

I took over the Hard Disk from him dismantled the enclosure (Casing) and than perform test on the Hard Disk

Plug it into a PC and started hearing vibrating sound. So suspected it to be a mechanical Read/Write head that is faulty

I than unscrew it in my clean room. Notice that the Read/Write head had been stuck on the platter

Luckily it was a minor damage and the Read/Write head is not broken

I than plug it into the PC again and the Hard Disk now spins up and I copied out all the files while PC still able to detect

It would have cost him over $2000 for a professional data recovery. He thanks me for saving his data and paid me a service fee

I told the customer to always have multiple backup of important files in different location so if 1 drives fail you would still have a copy of it