Friday, December 2, 2016

Lumia 1020 and Windows 10

Successful Project Unlocking the Lumia 1020 Att and Windows 10 

Brought this phone from amazon, It was locked to Att network in the US. When i tried to slot in my Singtel SIM card it prompt me for an unlock code, what i did was instead paying to the provider to unlock for me. I did it myself by modifying the IMEI and flashing some software. As shown in the image above the phone has been unlocked successfully.

As this phone is released in 2013 to support up to Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft did not release Windows 10 update for this device. So i did some researched and found a way by hacking the Windows Phone registry and It works. I got Windows 10 working. It is based on Redstone update version 1703.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blackberry Passport sideloaded with Play Store

Blackberry Passport

I managed to sideload the Google Play Store into this device.

The Blackberry Passport is based on the Blackberry 10 Operating System, as you know Blackberry has open up its software ecosystem to support installation of Android Apps.

What I actually do is to add in the missing Google Services framework (Blackberry Google ID) so that it can allow Google Play Store to run on top of Blackberry 10 OS

As shown it is capable to run both Blackberry Apps from the (Blackberry World) and Android Apps from the (Play Store)