Thursday, September 9, 2021

Remove Spyware on Android Phone - Oppo Reno 3

Just to inform everyone who read this to be careful not to click on any suspicious links sent through WhatsApp or Text message. Even when you accidentally click on it, DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL!

I've got a customer who approach me her phone was really slow and unresponsive she mention that the battery drains extremely fast and the phone get very hot

She showed me her phone with a suspicious app "Spyine" that someone actually downloaded it in her phone without her knowledge that can actually eavesdropping on her Calls, emails, messages and location.

I than installed a Antivirus (Internet Security) software. Did a Full Scan on her phone.

As shown the suspicious app "Spyine" has been removed from her device.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Windows Server 2016 - Project On-Site

Windows Server 2016 - Project On-Site

Took up this project from a company. Went down to their office located in Kaki Bukit, Singapore

I took over their IT Systems. It was totally in a mass and no one there knows anything about it

Heard that the previous IT Staff left without handling over. I've got to start from scratch tracing back and find out what previously was done and how the Windows Server was setup

When I booted it up it is linked to a domain where I do not have the username and password

I've prepared a USB flash drive and created a bootable image. Boot it up in WinPE environment

From there I am able to access into the File Explorer (Boot Disk Explorer) to copy out his data into an External Hard Disk as Backup in case if anything goes wrong with it

Data copying and Backup took me almost 4 hours of wait

Than I run some commands in the Command Prompt (CMD) which actually does is to reset Active Directory Domain Controller administrator account and password

Finally I am now able to login to the Windows Server

They thanks me for helping them to get back administrator account access rights

Monday, August 30, 2021

Huawei Mate 30 Pro - Installing Google (GMS)

Huawei Mate 30 Pro - Installing Google (GMS)

I've receive many calls from customer asking to install Google (GMS) on their Huawei device

I've done 2. One of it is the Mate 30 Pro and the other model is P40 Pro

Today took up one more set. It also doesn't have Google Mobile Services (GMS)

This time round it is more harder to install Google (GMS) as Huawei has updated their devices with EMUI 11 ( June 2021 Security Patch and now it runs on Harmony OS 2

So to Install the full Google (GMS). I would need to use software like the Hisuite Proxy to do it 

Downgraded from Harmony OS 2 back to EMUI 11 ( and than downgrade again back to EMUI 10 (

From there the method to Install Google (GMS) can work

You can see that the Play Store, Gmail, Youtube and Google Map all runs well

Saturday, August 28, 2021

HP Omen 15 (2017) Laptop

HP Omen 15 (2017) Laptop - i7 7700HQ 

Went down to customer place on Saturday morning. Checked on his laptop

It is unable to boot into Windows. It keeps rebooting at the Blue Screen "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you"

This Laptop has a SSHD 1TB + 128GB. Where the OS is installed in the HDD and using the 128GB to Cache the Windows System

I tried to repair the corrupted Windows partition first. Boot it up using the Windows Recovery Disk open up the command prompt and perform a Disk Check (chkdsk) on the drive

It came out to be the Windows Systems file that has been badly damage that caused the Windows 10 unable to boot

Than at last resort using a Linux bootable disk to access the Drive. I than copy out all his Data in the "C" into an External Hard Disk

Perform a "Reset this PC" and reinstall the whole Windows 10 System

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

On-Site IT Support - HP, ThinkPad and Macbook Computers

Today went down to an International School for an On-Site IT Support

There are HP, ThinkPad (Windows) and Macbook (Mac OS)

My clients from BHI asked me to help them as they are unable to print from the Macbook and the Canon Printer

I did some checks and found that the drivers wasn't installed properly on the Macbook

On the Macbook they are also facing some issues when using Google Meets. The Video calling function doesn't work correctly on the Safari browser, When I tried a few times it will crash

Found a solution and advise them to use Chrome browser when running the Google Meet video call

The Thinkpad display is dim no matter how I set it to the maximum brightness (100%)

Than I found out that it was the display (Hardware) faulty. Which require to change the display panel

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Google Ads and Google Analytics - Project (Follow Up)

Today just did a follow up of the Google Ads and Analytics project that I did for one of my client

I had linked up the Google Ads with the Google Analytics

After a few months of running the Google Ads campaign

Finally there is more data in the Google Analytics for me to analyse

Using the Live data. It's tell me who are my targeted customers and where they are from

with Locations, Calls and who visited the website

These data have given me an overview and allows me to make better decisions on how to run my advertisement and getting more potential customers

Sunday, August 1, 2021

WhatsApp Data Recovery for Android - Samsung Galaxy S9+

A customer called me up asking for help, while switching over to her new phone she notice that all the past WhatsApp messages were gone.

There were important messages in the WhatsApp for her next day meeting where she had forgotten to backup while transferring over to the new phone

I took over the old Samsung Galaxy S9+ and than notice that the WhatsApp chat history has already been deleted

I decided to give it a try to see whether a data recovery would work for WhatsApp

1.) Turn on OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging in Developer Options which is hidden in the settings

2.) Backdate the date to 7 days before so the OEM Unlocking options will appear

3.) Get it Rooted for the Data Recovery Software to work

I than did a scan of the Internal Memory of the WhatsApp Folder where the database (messages) were store in

Successfully recovered and found 10135 files since Year 2014 - present

Customer thanks me for the help and my services where she got back the important messages that she need

Friday, July 16, 2021

On-Site IT Support - Email Support

Went down to customer place for an IT Support in Singapore. He stays in 38 floor of a unit. 16 Years living abroad in Shanghai, China

He called me up asking if I can help him with his NetEase 网易企业邮箱 as he is unable to login to it in Singapore

I did some configuration to the Mail Server (MX record) now he is able to login, receive and send email
He also requested for the email in NetEase 网易企业邮箱 to be forwarded to Microsoft Outlook
I got the IMAP and SMTP Server settings and proceed to setup email forwarding
Microsoft Outlook
Port: 587
Encryption Method: STARTTLS
Port: 993
Encryption Method: TLS
Customer thanks me for the help for solving his email issue

iPhone 7 Plus - Data Extraction (Retrieve Photos) and Jailbreak iOS 14.6

iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 14.6

Took up this challenging job. iPhone is Disabled, Customer just want to retrieve out his photos in the iPhone as he has no backup of it

It took me days working on it trying to figure out how am I able to extract out the data without first wiping off the iOS system

That when I found out there is this Forensic Toolkit software for iOS that claim it is able to do it

Using the Forensic Toolkit, where I still facing some difficulty as I need to know what steps need to be done

1.) iPhone need to be Jailbreak first

Booted my PC into Ubuntu (Linux), put iPhone in DFU Mode and downloaded checkra1n

After iPhone is being Jailbroken and bootup

Boot back into Windows OS and run the Forensic Toolkit and Wait ...

Successfully Remove the (iPhone is Disabled)

Now I can move on to extract out the data (photos) using the Physical Acquisition method

Customer thanks me for my service and the help to actually recovered all his precious photos.

2.) The Activation Lock part

Need to re-jailbreak again as the Jailbreak will only stays until reboot

iPhone is being restored back to factory settings. There is another lock is called the "Activation Lock" Which require to sign in using Apple ID

Customer used his own Apple ID and Sign-In

* In the case that if he has forgotten it then either have to reset or use a Untethered method to bypass it

Friday, July 2, 2021

宏碁笔记本电脑维修 (清除电脑病毒) Acer Laptop Repair (Remove Malware)

今天收到一台宏碁的笔记本电脑,顾客维修的 把电脑给启动后 就发现 好大个的光标出现在屏幕上


扫描了整个电脑把病毒给清除了, 然后在把用户给恢复原厂

Receive a Acer Laptop for repair. The moment I power it on I notice a big cursor on the screen

The scary thing is that the cursor, it will automatically move by it own without I even touching the trackpad

This tells me that something is wrong, I suspected it would have been infected with a Malware

I then installed a Antivirus software into the machine and run a Full System Scan. The Antivirus detected a Malware in the system

I did a clean up, removed the Malware and restored the User Account in it back to factory setting

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Data Recovery Project - 4TB WD Passport

Data Recovery Project - 4TB WD Passport

Picked up this Data Recovery project from a customer yesterday

The customer looked very worried as all his working files are saved in the Hard Disk

He accidentally drop the Hard Disk onto the Floor. While still saving an Excel document

I took over the Hard Disk from him dismantled the enclosure (Casing) and than perform test on the Hard Disk

Plug it into a PC and started hearing vibrating sound. So suspected it to be a mechanical Read/Write head that is faulty

I than unscrew it in my clean room. Notice that the Read/Write head had been stuck on the platter

Luckily it was a minor damage and the Read/Write head is not broken

I than plug it into the PC again and the Hard Disk now spins up and I copied out all the files while PC still able to detect

It would have cost him over $2000 for a professional data recovery. He thanks me for saving his data and paid me a service fee

I told the customer to always have multiple backup of important files in different location so if 1 drives fail you would still have a copy of it