Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Windows Server 2016 - Project On-Site

Windows Server 2016 - Project On-Site

Took up this project from a company. Went down to their office located in Kaki Bukit, Singapore

I took over their IT Systems. It was totally in a mass and no one there knows anything about it

Heard that the previous IT Staff left without handling over. I've got to start from scratch tracing back and find out what previously was done and how the Windows Server was setup

When I booted it up it is linked to a domain where I do not have the username and password

I've prepared a USB flash drive and created a bootable image. Boot it up in WinPE environment

From there I am able to access into the File Explorer (Boot Disk Explorer) to copy out his data into an External Hard Disk as Backup in case if anything goes wrong with it

Data copying and Backup took me almost 4 hours of wait

Than I run some commands in the Command Prompt (CMD) which actually does is to reset Active Directory Domain Controller administrator account and password

Finally I am now able to login to the Windows Server

They thanks me for helping them to get back administrator account access rights