Wednesday, August 18, 2021

On-Site IT Support - HP, ThinkPad and Macbook Computers

Today went down to an International School for an On-Site IT Support

There are HP, ThinkPad (Windows) and Macbook (Mac OS)

My clients from BHI asked me to help them as they are unable to print from the Macbook and the Canon Printer

I did some checks and found that the drivers wasn't installed properly on the Macbook

On the Macbook they are also facing some issues when using Google Meets. The Video calling function doesn't work correctly on the Safari browser, When I tried a few times it will crash

Found a solution and advise them to use Chrome browser when running the Google Meet video call

The Thinkpad display is dim no matter how I set it to the maximum brightness (100%)

Than I found out that it was the display (Hardware) faulty. Which require to change the display panel