Wayne Yong  熊玮伦

Since Year 2011, I have been freelancing on software repair projects for a telecommunication service provider. Devices that I currently repair includes the Android, Windows, Blackberry OS, Symbian and Series 40

Strong Passion for Technology. I have hands-on experience with projects in the IT (Technical), Sales and Marketing

Projects that I have been doing for my client include the IT System Administration, Computer Network and Data Recovery

Aside from these IT (Technical) Projects, I am also taking up Sales and Marketing work

I went on building up the Brand for a Small and Mid-Size Enterprise (SME) Company. Running Digital Marketing campaign with the goal of promoting Internet presence and generate traffic (Sales)

Targeting keywords and Pay-per-click advertising on “Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram”

In Year 2021. It has attracted over ~ 12000 searches in a month with more than 650 clicks 

+65 9883 3303 / 9883 3343