Saturday, February 27, 2021

Desktop Upgrade and PC Migration - Project

Receive a computer repair job this morning, It's an old Dell Desktop CPU that is running on "Intel Core 2 Duo" and Windows Vista Operating Systems

Client mention that the machine wasn't able to power on

At first I suspected it to be a Power supply faulty, did a check on the internals

- Power Supply is working good

- Hard Disk is fully functioning

It's came out to be the Motherboard that is faulty.

Instead of replacing a Motherboard. I convinced him to do the Desktop upgrade as his machine is very old and slow Released, Year 2006

Sourced for him a (HP) Desktop, that fit into his requirement

Which is enough to handle daily simple work i.e. Web Browsing, Words, Excel 

- Affordable machine that can do simple Web Surfing

- Not using it to run intensive applications like high graphics games

- Doesn't require a high-end specs and an expansive machine 

Transferred all his data from the old desktop HDD into the new SSD machine (HP)